I-KANDI is essentially a "Venue" 

consisting of; 

Sauna  & Leisure Facilities

Late Night - Wine Bar & Coffee Lounge  

Private Members - Night Club 

Truly unique  though...  is it's "'atmosphere"  

Our Customers

Our Customers  come from all walks of life, and from everywhere...

local, national, and international. We welcome, and cater for;

Edgy, Arty, Fun, Sexy, Creative types, Naturists, Non-Conformers, and the down right Strange! (but Sound!) 

Straight M/F Couples, Straight M & F Singles,  also L.G.B.T.Q,  whatever..! "EVERYONE!".

Essentially, what your "into" here... is about as casual as;  "What you're having to drink"! 

Basically no-one could care less...  as long as your respectful, considerate, 

interesting... different...  and good company!

We get an interesting, funky, quirky, sexy, carefree, 

liberated crowd.... and it all works!

  So if your not "open-minded', and  comfortable and confident

 in you own skin and self, then, I-KANDI is definitely

 no place for you plain and simple. 

Just for Adults....

For your safety, comfort, and privacy,

you won't find us on, or sharing with:-

"Stupid Book" or "Quitter" and the like!!!  

" I spent a lot of money on booze, 

birds and fast cars,

the rest I just squandered "

Who Goes?  Best time to Go?   Straight?   Gay?   Bi?   

 or simply...  want to "Tri"   and everything else...

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Picture of a Sauna Interior no people

Leisure & Sauna

Simple - Pay as you Go!

Wednesday 7 pm - 1 am

Thursday 7 pm - 1 am

Friday 6 pm - 1 am

Saturday 6 pm - 10 pm*

(Members till Late Sat)*

Sunday 4 pm - 12 pm

*Bank Hols 4- 1am

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Picture of a Wine Bucked and Bar no people

Late Nite Wine Bar

New Customers Welcome!

No Membership Required

Open 10 pm - 1 am / late,

Wednesday to Sunday

Note: (Saturday Only),

is reserved for Club Members 

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Simple Stock Image of people dancing

Night Club 

Private Members Nite Club

[ carte blanche ] kɑːt ˈblɑːnʃ/noun

"complete freedom to act as one wishes.."

Thursday, Doors 9.30 pm

(Student Night, r.o.a.r,)

Saturday, Doors 9.30 pm*

Saturday Strictly Members*

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" I used to go missing a lot...

Miss Canada, Miss United Kingdom, 

Miss World.”

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