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Typical set-up issues 

I filled out the; "App Join page", but could not get any further!

-You attempted to join the APP by yourself, this is not possible. You have to follow the correct process, read  the "Join Page"!

-You have not followed the TEXT instruction properly for creating a username and password.

 I'm stuck on a stage (TEXTS) and have got no reply.

-Allow a little time, it's not an instant process, replies  can take anywhere from seconds to the day after!    

-You have not supplied the information asked for.

-You have not paid the Application Fee as instructed. 

-The information you supplied is insufficient.

-The information you supplied is not relevant, or has not been asked for.

I paid, created a username and password, and I got an e-mail saying my profile was deleted

-You have not created your username and password in the required standard format, 

Username: <your first name>.  Example:  JOHN

Password: <your mobile number>  Example 086 1234555

I can log In with my username and password, but I cant use any features. 

-You have not confirmed your email address. Check your e-mail, also check you Spam Folder as well, then Click "Confirm e-mail".  

-You have not up-loaded, via the app, the required "Verification Photos". The Full Nude must be the very First Photo, you up-load, followed by the "Head & Shoulders". Both photos must me up-loaded one after another. 

I signed up a few days ago, I tried to Log In, and I can't.

-Your "Timed Out!" As stated to you in the Standard Texts we send Everybody! When you get on the App, (received your user name and password, and access to the "Profile Builder" on the site), we give you 3-DAYS ONLY to; "get your house in order!" That means; 

[ 1 ] Build an Honest Profile, (A bit about you, and your likes, turns-on! etc, under  "Personal Info", on the App.

[ 2] Up load the required Verification Pictures.

[ 3 ] Confirm your e-mail successfully. 

If the above is NOT done, within 3-DAYS of your Profile being Activated - You incomplete Profile is Deleted off the App !!!  (Verification Failure). We Don't do re-funds, and we Don't do "Second Chances" either! The reason for this is to keep the quality and relevance of the information (Profiles) high on the App. Otherwise, our App would end up looking like all the other faker apps!!  If your deleted, you must join from scratch again.         

I'm logged in, but I can't see other members! 

-On the page that displays you Profile, Click the Heart Icon - Twice, untill you get to the "Filter Page: Starting with the phrase;

I'm here to... Select Everything Boys/Girls, Widen the Age Range, For Location select- "People nearby" And move the Slider Bar to MAX whole Country, Show = ALL, un-check photo. Then Click the DONE Button!   

I cant message some members

The member in question might have you blocked! This is frowned upon generally, (the blocking other members). We're all one " BIG FAMILY !!! "  after all!!  and everyone gets on with everyone, well generally!  In the very unlikely event that you are getting unwanted persistent messages, and un-solicited persistent messages, after a polite;  "no thank you" OR " i'm not interested to be honest, but thanks" we would prefer you reported the user to Admin, rather than blocking the said individual. The offence here is "Persistent", if a polite, repeated "no thanks" isn't working! - Report Them! 

I have build my profile, confirmed my e-mail, and submitted my Verification Pics, and I still Can't Log In.

 -You have indicated your are a "M/F Couple" on application. Effectively the Male profile of a M/F Couple is "Frozen" until such time as the Female is verified fully. In order to set up a "Couple Profile" the Female must get Verified before the Male, then the TWO profiles are LINKED and Activated together. This prevents Single Men, Posing as part of a "Couple". 



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