Find i-kandi

The building is located in front of the only

Zebra Crossing in the Business Park, 200m

down the hill from the N.C.T Car Test

Centre in Limerick.

Get in touch!


350 5th Ave
New York, New York 10118


(555) 444-3333
(888) 555-4444
[email protected]


Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 1:00 pm
Sun: Closed


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SAT NAV- G.P.S Co-ordinates

Latitude: N 52.64834

Longitude: W -8.59075


V94 DR53

From Galway N18

From all routes north and west

Bi pass Limerick City - Follow directions for "DUBLIN" and the "M7" Motorway" via the Limerick Tunnel. See"M7" below.

From Cork M20

From all route south and east.

Follow the M20 motorway to the end. Stay in the RIGHT lane as you approach Limerick. Stay in lane, (RIGHT LANE) for the "M7 DUBLIN" When you get on the M7 motor way, follow directions below for "M7".

From / On "M7"

On the M7 motorway, exit at; EXIT 29 "Tipperary, Waterford, Limerick City East", (very well signposted)

At the top of the ramp, (trafic lights) follow signs for "Ballysimon / City". Continue straight (about 500m), pass the back of B&Q on you left.

At the "Ballysimon Roundabout", continue STRAIGHT for another 500m. The road gets progressively narrower as you approach the town itself, watch out for "Clean Ireland Recycling" on the RIGHT, and the TOPAZ filling station, and SUPERMACS. Take the, LEFT turn OPPOSITE - SUPERMACS,  into "Eastway / Crossagalla Business Park", Note- the turn itself, is rather low key.

Continue 200m approx to "T" junction, turn LEFT, drive another 300m, look out for the Zebra Crossing on the road (yellow lollypop lights). We are in front of the zebra crossing, BLUE lit door, the sign over the door reads "i-kandi" / "The Factory" Their is a carpark in front of our building, the area is very safe, even at night, and well covered with CCTV.

From Limerick Town Centre

On Foot 15 to 20 mins!

From Limerick Centre - Upper William St, continue straight at "Tipperary / Ballysimon Roundabout"  Pass the "Hyundai Garage" (on left) and "Brooks Heat Merchants" (will be on your right)   Take the first RIGHT TURN, before the Topaz Filling Station. The turn is DIRECTLY OPPOSIT / across from; SUPERMACS,  on the road.

Go straight to the "T" Junction on the end of this road. Turn LEFT at "T" Junction,  continue straight, about 300m pass Finnucans Expert Electrical on the right side. We are just 2 -Units up, on the right-hand side also. Our building is in front of the  only ZEBRA CROSSING on the road!! Easy to spot the yellow flashing lights, especially at night! There is a car parking in front, and to the side of the building also. The area is quite safe, even at night.

Look out for the BLUE LIT, GLASS ENTRANCE DOOR! The door is open, just pull the door, and walk in! Once inside, and off the street, press the door bell for service! 

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