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Frequent asked Questions

Wine Bar  

September 13, 2017


face Picture of a an attractive girl

Frequent asked Questions

Night Club [carte blanche]   

September 15, 2017


Hi can anyone show up without being a member and what is the cost? Thanks.



Admission options, and everything you need to know, is all clearly layed out on simple menus here on the Website!!  It's just a matter of actually reading it!!  



Have you seen a rise in young women coming?

In particular types of behavior by young women?

In particular types of hook-ups?

Amy - 


33 Broadwick Street



0207 312 3929


Picture of a sauna bucket and towels

Frequent asked Questions


November 10, 2017


Why are ye not on Facebook and Twitter? Surly it would be a      good marketing strategy?  




Hi Nel, 

Reason, the "type" of people facebook attracts are not really our customer market to be honest! Lets face it, Facebook is just for teenage girls and impressionable idiots, that believe and do everything they are told. Facebook users can be described in ONE word, they are; "Sheep"! Obsessed with creating a virtual image of someone they would "like" to be seen as, but in reality, are far from it... in any case. Facebook users lead boring and uneventful lives in reality.  Living in virtual" Cookie Trays".. and  "Plots"  they are plugged in 24/7 to fake news, and other, carefully censored, "fed content"  and mob-rule "moral order" as boring, and limited in mind, as themselves. Personally, I have a big problem with any organisation that bans photos of breastfeeding women, and quickly removes and censors anything of the like, while lies, live killings / be-headings, and propaganda are absolutely fine. Think about that? They don't mind lies, as it helps them find more customers, aka (fools).  Facebook allows the "Sheep" of our society to pretend, they are actually living in the "real world!!!!" While the Facebook machine steals all their personal data, selling it on to Big Business, who in turn exploit Facebook users with slick advertisements for products they don't need. Facebook prays on it's user's individual vulnerabilities, and there need to feel "accepted" and  "validated" by their equally messed up, Facebook "peers". Consider the following,  if their lives were really that interesting, they would be spending their valuable and finite time, " actually living !!" and not 23 hours a day!!!! on Face book "talking their sad lives up!"  Our customers LIVE in the NOW,  "Actual Reality" not virtual!!  They DON'T have a incessant need to feel "Validated" or "Understood",  to "Belong" , or be "lead along"  blindly like "Sheep", told what to do, how to behave, and what to "Like" even!!. Our people are leaders in their own right.  They live well in the now. They have; " that confidence ".  I-Kandi People, don't "Follow" or Worship....  jack shit....  The're NOT "the norm" !! They know exactly what they like for themselves thank you!  Sounds like you?? If so, the Wolf pack! would like to here from you!   Besides, -IF-  we we're on Facebook, or other Social Media junk sites, (we're not!!) your data, (and ours!) would  certainly not be safe, or in any way secure, from prying eyes. Private information, would, very likely be leaked about you, via 3rd party association through us. So I-K is NOT on Social Media, for that reason, as well.   

Picture of a sauna bucket and towels

Frequent asked Questions

Sauna & Leisure  

September 15, 2017


When is the best time to go?



Hi Alex! 

It actually depends on what day and time you go, and the type of people your looking to meet, to be honest. I'll spell it out for you as best as I can, BUT!!!  the hours I've listed below, simply mean; more likely to meet the people indicated, as opposed to, exclusively  frequented by,  Remember, we are open to, and welcome ; EVERYONE at all times. It's just a rough guide only.

We ourselves do-not designate hours for anyone. Generally, most people could not care less, they do there own thing, plain and simple!  NOTE: These hours should NOT be confused with the actual advertised "opening hours".  ALSO note, "more" does not necessarily mean better either.  Often people tell us, the quieter times, can be some of the very best! You really never know who or what! is going to drop by, or when, and that makes it an exciting and quirky place to be if your lucky to be there too! Also, don't be put off if you don't see too many cars outside the building. Lots of people get lifts and share Cabs, especially later in the evening when the Wine bar is open etc. Also many park in other areas close by and walk over too.  

Gay Men & Bi Guys

WED 7 pm -1 am 

THR 7 pm -11 pm

FRI   6 pm - 1 am

SAT  6 pm - 10pm 

SUN 4 pm - 12pm

C.D's & T.V's and admirers 

SAT 6 pm - 10pm

SUN 4 pm - 12pm

Straight  & M/F Couples

THR 10 pm -1 am / Late

FRI 10 pm - 1 am

SAT 10 pm - 2.30 am  (Members Only)

SUN 10 pm - 1 am

Bi Girls

THR 10 pm -1 am / late

SAT 10 pm - 2.30 am (Members Only)

SUN 10 pm - 1 am

Busy Themed Party Nights

& Special Interest & Fetish


page on the Website.  

Best for, Girls Night Out

THR 10 pm -1 am / Late   

SAT 10 pm - 2.30 am (Members Only) 


Best for Students 

THR 10 pm -1 am / Late 

Best for Queer Students 

WED 7 pm -1 am 

THR 7 pm -1 am / Late 


The ONLY night that admission is "restricted'  is Saturday after 10 pm. You will not be able to get in OR stay around, Saturday after 10 pm, unless you are a full club member, and have booked. All other times are operated on a simple Pay As You Go basis. The above hours are NOT opening hours. For opening hours check the appropriate page on this website.     

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