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near I-KANDI, in the Shannon region!

Due to the sizeable, and growing number, of foreign visitors to I-KANDI here in Limerick each year, we have decided to put together our list of "recommended attractions" in the region. Cherry picked by us for "quality and quirkiness". Places we like to hang out ourselves as locals, that offer, well.... something a little "special".

And because the area is our own back yard too, you know it's worth a visit if we say so! The perfect compliment to a memorable visit to I-KANDI Limerick.

LIMERICK TOWN - Restaurants

"La Cucina" University Court, Castletroy, Limerick.

Tel: 061 333890


(5-min drive from I-KANDI)

In our opinion, La Cucina is probably one of the best restaurants in the Shannon / Limerick region at present. Baring in mind Limerick town itself, has very few decent places to eat, consistently good, La Cucina's success is built on one principle, great ingredients, expertly prepared and cooked. This little Italian gem, is well worth the visit for an excellent, reasonably priced, lunch. Come early though, as queues build up, even stretching outside for tables lunch time during the summer! But you're are never waiting too long, and any wait is well worth it, believe us!   

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