[Carte blanche] 

@ I-Kandi 

Are you visiting the Irish Swingers Club,

I-Kandi, in Limerick?  If so, 

here is all the information

you will need to know... 

What Is "I-KANDI" ?

The Night Club  [ Carte Blanche ] 

Simply put, I-kandi is the best "Adult Night Club and Venue" in the entire country! (Ireland), indeed it's the only!  We'll do the PEPSI challenge with ANY so-called "Night Club". If you've had enough of the usual boring vanilla "shite talk & pints" format, dished out by all the other, "Cookie Cutter Clubs" here in Ireland, then I-KANDI, might possibly be, right up your street!!!  The  Club consists of; a  Wine / Champagne / Martini Bar, Lounge Area, a variety of Playrooms, (private, semi private, and open) Dance Floor, Stage, with a pretty kool sound and lighting system too! You'll need to purchase a Plane Ticket - Destination, "Any Other European City", to find anything else remotely like I-KANDI, fact. We're called many things...a Lifestyle Club, Swingers Club, Sex Club, or simply an urban retreat, where you can spend some quality time with your partner! in a fun, sexy, and exciting environment, you decide!  With the    highest Google Rating for any Night Club in the Limerick region presently, I-KANDI is your best option for a truly decadent night out in Limerick.  I-Kandi is about living in the NOW, not yesterday, or tomorrow! Your here for a GOOD TIME!!! not a long time.... So... "SCREW IT"... "JUST - DO IT!!!!!" while you still can...... Life is too short! Believe us... there is nothing even remotely like our Club on the Island of Ireland at present. We are, without question,  the only exclusive "Adult Fun Spot" in the entire country!!! We're not open to; "Joe Public", just our cherry picked members and invited international guests... Our Night club [ Carte Blanche ] attracts a hip, sexy, international crowd, who enjoy fine wines, the best Club Music, and the truly awesome, and the very unique, " [ carte blanche ] atmosphere ", every Saturday**. (Members Only**)

Admittedly, a tenner and a wink, won't get you "IN",  but if you're; Edgy, Interesting, Different, and Sexy.... that just might do the trick...!!!  I-Kandi of today, is essentially an "Exclusive Adult Night Club" that runs every Saturday, doors open at 9.30 pm. Standard Admission Prices are as follows;

Full Club Members ( A-List ) 30 Euro, per M/F Couple / Single. 

Invited Guests, International & Domestic (Non Members Etc) 60 Euro, per M/F Couple / Single, 

**Admission costs more after 10 pm**. 

Most all Club patrons are already active in the Fetish (kink), Lifestyle (Swingers), scene, for others are keen to enter / try the scene, and it's a whole new exciting world!! But it's fair to say, EVERYONE that comes to I-KANDI... comes to "Party" as in [ sex party ] !! and if this ain't your goal as a single, or couple, then your better off heading down the town... (Shite talk and Ale land)


Basically, admission to the Night Club at I-KANDI; [ Carte Blanche ]  is controlled carefully via a uniform, "application process". 

Once on the app for a while, you can apply to attend events and in turn, if your lucky! become "verified"  / "A-Listed"


NOTE: Standard, Membership of our APP, IS NOT - "Night Club Membership" / "Night Club Admission".

This needs to be applied for and depends on;-

-Positive Community Feedback, (It helps a lot if established "A-List" Full Members, like you!)

-Management Invitation, you need to be "Approved" for this purpose, by management.

-This is FAST TRACKED for appropriate International Guests on application by appointment.

-"A-List Profiles" (with the letter "A" in their name title), denotes that they are;-

I-K - CLUB VERIFIED" (the only lifestyle verification that matters here in Ireland...! )

-We DON'T recognise anonymous untraceable, "coffee verification's!" from all the other faker websites.

-"A's" are your guarantee, that your meeting the right people!, kool, considerate, experienced, and trusted

individuals and singles, we love to welcome always!

-If we are in a position to accept your application / approval , NIGHT CLUB we will inform you by

text message, and Verify you on our APP. (A-List) Approval for our NIGHT CLUB "A-List" is separate to the App. You apply for this once your LIVE on our app, it's a simply process, as your already most of the way there!!!! Space for single gents is extremely limited.

-Important: You must provide valid PHOTO I.D (Passport OR Drivers Licence), if you apply for, and are granted, approval for the Night Club, we will inspect your I.D documents by appointment on your first visit, for security and validation reasons.

[ A' s ] enjoy the following additional benefits;

- Super Powers!! - Access anytime to our REAL - Night Club, for the Lifestyle,

- FREE Access to our Wine Bar, on certain nights.

- Access to cut price Overnight Accommodation, no more rip off Hotels!

- Priority VIP "Instant Access" to our Club, on Saturday's, in Limerick.

- Access to our, members only; "Secret Sex Party" Event Listing.

- Easy Booking of ANY party listed, including some FREE ones!

- Get to know other "REAL members" even before you arrive at our Club!!!


M/F Couple; FREE

Female; FREE

Single Males: (Very limited availability), Price on Approval.


As well as the as the above membership fees, there is an "Admission Charge"

for each party you attend. Admission prices vary, form FREE to €70,

depending on circumstances, and what's on, (typically €30 per/couple).


Our Night Club runs EVERY SATURDAY,

A comprehensive / full listing of ALL our Events is listed on the; "I-K EVENTS" profile,

on our, "Members Only" APP.

-SOME events we run are open to ALL -APP MEMBERS, (App Nights / meet & Greet)



We welcome all enquirers from prospective members, Local, National and; Visiting International Guests** (**whom we join as temporary members). Note: Applications from individuals under 20 years of age, are not considered / entertained.


Our APP is NOT; "A Public Sharing Website" it's "privately owned".

The information on our APP is NOT in the public domain already, and you have ABSOLUTELY - NO RIGHT, legal or otherwise, to copy or share information on our APP with anyone outside the domain itself. The information on the APP is - NOT - accessible to general public , and it's NOT yours to share publicly with anyone, even if you accepted as a Member. We (Admin) store I.P addresses and other user footprints, on the site itself in the interest of site security and member safety. We have in the past, and will not hesitate in the future, protect by whatever means is legally available to us, our intellectual property, business, and customers property. The full legal T&C of use of our APP and our Privacy Policy, are clearly outlined on the JOIN / REGISTRATION PAGE of the APP itself, and you are strongly advised to read same. 

STEP -1  "the texts"

You START the APP application process via TEXT MESSAGE (for clarity, both sides). You answer some very basic; "about you questions", and pay a;-   Non Refundable, (30 Euro) weed out time wasters - "Application Fee" on-line.  Because of the nature of our Club, it's very important that all clients are properly vetted so joining our app isn't an instant process! 

Texts 1 to 6 collect basic info about you,  By text 10, if successful you start  getting on the APP itself, the remainder of the texts, are about helping you get set up! .   


STEP -2 "the App"

IF your successful (step 1), You get access to our on-line APP. You now have "3-Days ONLY" to; Build a "complete honest profile of yourself", your interests, kinks, turn on's etc, as well as this you MUST up-load TWO, Verification Photos of your self, together in order. First Photo - is a full nude of you holding an A4 sheet of paper, with the word I-KANDI and your FULL NAME written on it, which is kept in your "private folder" on the APP. Second Photo - is a close up head and shoulder shot of you, for your profile picture, so others on the APP can see what you look like. Again many simply can't handle the raw honesty required on application, and will quite here too!  Most are used to the anonymous faker; (mostly U.K based) "Irish Swingers" <type> websites. This IS different, this is REAL... and most are simply not capable of operating on this level with others. There are NO FAKES on our APP or at our CLUB. If her name is "Amy" on our APP, and you see her picture, that's the EXACT SAME PERSON you will meet at out Club, and that's EXACTLY what she is 'into".... like it.... OR stuff it....  Can you handle that?  


STEP -3  "that meeting"

Your now "Photo Verified", and LIVE on our APP, but your NOT quite there yet... For access to our Night Club, you now need to be 

"APPROVED" by management, (A-LIST) You will notice many, Profile I.D's on our APP, start with the letter "A". This is your guarantee   of "genuineness" (properly play verified, experienced, and genuine) people we love to party with!! 

[ The most coveted...and only.... "Lifestyle Verification" in Ireland ]  I-K  "A" !!!    "If the're "A",  The're;-  "A-OK!" 

Reassuringly... we DON'T recognise "anonymous, coffee faker verification's" from bull shit ancient "websites!" that don't even run a Club!!!  To get yourself (A-LISTED) / APPROVED FOR OUR NIGHT CLUB / (FULL PLAY EVENTS), you can either;-

"Propose Yourself"

In the case of an "International Guest" / invited guest, once you on the APP by private messaging the "EVENTS PROFILE" on the APP  itself, OR stating this on application. 

You will need to provide us with;-

- Photo I.D Verification", and display a good quality "Profile Picture" as well, 

- We will need to meet with you in person, (arranged meet & greet with you)  

- We witness / observe you "conduct & enthusiasm!!! " at a proper party. 

- We listen carefully to the feedback from other established trusted members that have interacted with you, one negative, 

and your GONE! 

This process is "Fast tracked" generally for International Guests that have demonstrated an obvious level of "competence  and experience" on application. If you're "in the scene" / "experienced"  we'll know fairly quick..... and we generally get it right always.

Single gents - must be "invited" (proposed by management)    

"Do your time!"

If you on our APP for a while, no doubt we'll get to know you over a period of time. We arrange special "APP NIGHTS" for our Site Supporters". This is our version of a "Meet & Greet" for our own "Site Supporters". If you attend a few of such events,  (and in some cases, take our advice! - Gents hint, read the "What you can Expect" section here! ). If all goes well, your stock go'es UP! and you earn some Kudos with us, then depending on availability, you get UP-GRADED. No guarantees though! We simply can't in this instance. For single gents, there is an additional  charge  too if your offered a place, and you accept it.        

The Wine Bar

The Wine Bar opens 10 pm till 1 am / late, Wed - Sun, ( excluding Saturdays, when it's reserved for full members) There is an admission charge to access the Wine Bar, and Club in general, typically ( 22 Euro ) Single,  ( 40 Euro ) per Couple, use of leisure facilities included. Things usually run till quite late, typically 1am.  The Wine Bar is open, to local, national, and international Customers full membership is not necessary, but ROAR.  Even if the Night Club is not running, I-Kandi is 'defo' the place to be for sure! They come because the atmosphere at I-Kandi is as truly unique, as the people that visit us! Out of the "Lime Light" and away from "Town!!!" No, boring.. "bog ball, shite talk"! Our Wine Bar attracts an exciting.. quirky, edgy, trendy, crowd, in to drinking the finer stuff!!.. and meeting like-minded, liberated, open-minded people from near and far away! Some Nights we do  FREE ACCESS  too on certain nights, which are advertised on the Events profile, on our APP.  



For a more sedate introduction to our world! why not try our Leisure facilities, which are open earlier from 7 pm each evening Wednesday to Sunday, till 1 am approx. (Saturdays only, after 10pm, till close,  it's reserved for full members) Facilities consist of; a Sunbed, Sauna, Showers, Changing Area, (all unisex and shared), Coffee Lounge. The leisure element is popular with naturists, and others that just like the care free vibe of the place! and meeting other like minded people from all over the world!   




Our Venue / Club attracts, mainly a 30+ crowd, although some are indeed younger. We are popular with Male/Female  Couples,

Ladies and Gents. We generally "Balance" M/F male/female numbers 50:50 as well via advance booking. Members are attractive, eclectic, quirky, confident, and carefree individuals, and more likely, they have already, visited Clubs and resorts abroad, or, have some previous experience / interest in the scene, but this is not always the case either, for some, it's a whole new exciting world!

Our members tend to be "open- minded" well educated, life-experienced, and come from all types of back rounds, and industry's. Some (men and women) identify as Straight, Quirky (situation dependent), Bi-Sexual, Gay, Tri- Sexual! or plain Curious. Interestingly, most women tend to identify as "Bi".  (no-one complains!!!) Some are Voyeurs, some are exhibitionists, and most simply could not care less... Others.. just like our; care free vibe and atmosphere! But they all have the following in common, they are all;  very respectful, easy-going, non-pushy, courteous, and well mannered. In short, our Club is;-  a very safe, enjoyable, and exciting environment for both women on their own, as well as couples, and gents!. Your guaranteed to be made feel welcome and included always, and more importantly, looked after properly .... that's a promise!   




Your; "Application" comes in to;- ONE person only. A decision is made on receipt, and you get a response, regardless by Text, usually within 48 hours. We do not data-share. If we are in a position to accept your membership, we make arrangements with you by text, and complete the joining process. it's actually very easy and straight forward!  The required "Application Picture", and security check on admission, serves as a form of; "Insurance Policy" against sinister people infiltrating our Club, and compromising our existing members, absolute - right to privacy.  We have no further need for your pictures once you have proved yourself genuine, and well intention'ed towards others and us, on-site, your pictures are then deleted after a short period of time.               




We generally like to meet all new; "First Time" Members, on-site, before we open officially, as if takes time to register you, show you around, and answer all the questions you undoubtedly will have!  so we will make arrangements with you be text to do so! The idea here,  is to arm you with all the knowledge you need to know, and answer all the questions you have , before you go!!  In the un-likely event, that you feel  it's not the right fit for you!  or simply changed your mind! you can simply leave, and nobody else will ever know!  But stress not! so far, no-one ever has!!  We really do, talk you through every aspect of it, usually in a very informal way over a coffee at our bar, before we open. So, by the time others start to arrive, you know exactly what to expect, where everything is, and how it all works, leaving you nothing to do, only enjoy the awesome night ahead. We'll introduce you to others as well of course!  We're doing this 9- Years, trust us... it works!                 



Basically our Night Club is not like other normal "Cookie Cutter" Clubs you may have visited. Firstly, we're actually a proper Members Only Club, with a joining process. We are not open to the general public, we cater only for our members. So, it is not possible to just "walk In" to our Club, regardless of who you are. The Club is very secure, because we know personally,( tractability) all our members. (home address, contact numbers, picture, and previous visit history!)  Our Car Park, and admissions area are covered by C.C.T.V. and the general area is considered quite safe, even late at night.  Men are not allowed make overt passes towards women, or invade there personal space, unless specifically invited to do so verbally by a women. Basically;-

[ Women make the rules!!! and ONLY Women can brake the rules, if they choose to do so! ] 

We have all the facilities you would expect from a normal Night Club and a lot more too. A truly unique Club atmosphere, and the best Club Music anywhere.!! -Enjoy reasonably priced, quality Wines and Champagnes in our licensed Wine Bar! -The Club is a totally secure and safe "Fantasy Space". So women in particular get to wear they want! anything to regular Club wear, to serious fetish, Latex, Burlesque, Alt and industrial.  Nudity and Lingerie, are quite common too in all areas of the Club too! but not at all compulsory, (It's whatever YOU are comfortable with/in). Literally any outfit / clothes from PVC / Latex / Leather, or any club wear is acceptable for women. Gentlemen please read;- 

We do demand that men dress "Smartly, " Neat / Tidy, groomed etc. Gent's, just dress and look smart! That's no; gym, sports gear, Gaa / Rugby tops etc. Smart Tee Shirt / Shirt jeans and nice shoes fine!, no trainers please. Don't act or behave "Creepy". For God Sake!!! don't talk about; "the match!" Ya won't have many "Fans".... Besides, you might get "Sent Off", permanently... for being too Boring!!  If you can't help yourself! Your better off to go down town to the Market Quarter!! ( 'Shite talk & Ale', a plenty to be had there...). ANYTHING!! else is better.. a nicely placed compliment, and simply introduce yourself always works! Christ man!!!  It ain't exactly hard!!!, the "willing and able" are right there in front of you!! probably half naked!!! Re-working the lyrics of a famous "Frank Sinatra" number - "If ya cant make it here... ya won't make it.. Anywhere!!!' I'ts up to YOU! etc...  We supply Toiletry's / Towels & Hygiene / Body Products. Wet areas, Sauna & Showers are communal / Male /Female shared. Access in and out of the Club is controlled by staff. All areas are directly supervised by our staff at all times, including Play Areas.  




The following, is a quite guide to the basics, at I-KANDI We think it's well worth a read, and will really help you get the most out of your night with us.!




Our membership joining process is explained clearly on our website. We run things procedure wise, exactLy as it says on our website in the interest of security. In short, if you have followed the "On-line "Joining process" (you have submitted the required Verification Photos & Applied on-line), and got your Acceptance Text from us, "Current Member" Status, your guaranteed admission.

[ If you haven't joined on-line - YOU CAN'T ATTEND ];  even if you paid on-line. See the Membership Page for more information.



We accept / take / honour, bookings from "Current Members" ONLY. Non Members are not allowed access to our Club, or to make any bookings.


"Booked", means you are a "Current Member", and have: Paid on-line with an actual payment card!!, and not that you simply sent us a few texts!!!


You must give us the EXACT NAME of the "Payment Card holder" on arrival if you have booked in advance. Please, N0:- "nick names", or "Profile Names" etc on arrival. "We deal in REAL" ! Also, please have you Mobile Number that you have used to communicate with us in advance to hand, you'll be asked for the FIRST FOUR DIGITS only, of the Mobile Number you used to contact us, It's that simple....! If you don't have this information on arrival, you will be asked to wait while we serve others first that have the required information, in the interest of not delaying people unnecessarily.



Generally if it's busy on the door, we will by default, Serve / Admit: "Regulars" first, followed by "pre-booked on-line". New customers we serve last, for the simple reason it's takes a long time to "meet and greet" new customers, properly, and conduct security checks vetting etc.


Doors open at 9.30pm, the later you arrive, after 10pm the more expensive admission is for numerous reasons outlined on our website. It's your responsibility to arrive early. Allow for the fact that you are probably not the only person looking to get in just before 10pm!. Note there is usually a small queue just before 10pm, (as it's our cut off time, for door policy) So we strongly recommend arriving a little on the side of: [ Opening Time, 9.30pm. ] in particular, if you are a new customer.



You must: [ Hand in your phone on Arrival, BEFORE you go inside the building!!. ]


You will get searched once inside. Be Warned! If we find an "undeclared phone!" on your person, or in your belongings inside - you leave, no refund either.


Your phone will be Taged for Security, and the lead person (in the case of a couple) will receive a corresponding "Rubber Band & I.D Tag" which must be worn on the wrist for the duration of the night . In the case of a M/F Couple, the I.D tag, is usually issued to the male member by default.


The Numbered "Tag" we issue, also serves as a form of "Charge Card" for goods and services you purchase once inside , including in our Bar (Drinks) and Products. Simply show your "Tag", to make a purchase, or to pay your Bill prior to departure.


Once inside, you will be asked to place the following items in a "storage box" we provide for this purpose.

The following items are not allowed to circulate inside the Club,

-No Phones

-No Over Coats

-No Jackets

-No Baggy Clothes

-No Personal Bags of any kind (unless approved by staff)

-No Electronic Cigs

-No Big Jewellery Items

-No Drink Bottles

-No Glass or dangerous items

-No Chewing Gum



RECOMMENDED - Anything you don't want to loose!


IMPORTANT NOTE: You don't need to carry your wallet or money around inside! and we highly recommend that you don't either! Its far too easy to get, "caught up in the action!!!" and a wallet to fall out of a trousers at half mast! in some room or toilet! Put such items in to storage on: "Check In". You wont need them until you are actually leaving later! "The System works!" On the up-side! nothing of any value has ever been lost at I-Kandi in 9-Years!! Bar the odd " G String!!!! " or sex toy! and considering the numbers that have been through the place! we can live with that! That said, if you don't need it, don't bring it in! Consider leaving it in you car, or hotel.



Anything, you think, you may need during the night, example; a spare Sexy Outfit, Make Up, Toiletries, Cigarettes, Toys! (we've seen it all before.... countless times!!" you MUST! declare such items to our staff (for checking / inspection) BEFORE you put the rest of your belongings away for the night!!



Once your belongings finally go in to storage - That's It ... for the evening!!! There is; - NO ACCESS TO YOUR BELONGINGS FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT !!!


If you call for access to your box later during the night, you must then; "check out and leave", in the interest of security, No Exceptions for anything or anyone! Your co-operation with this policy, in the interest of security, is very much appreciated.



EVERYONE "dresses down!" Immediately on arrival. So basically street clothes come off when you come in our door!!


Gents are issued with a "Sarong" to wear for the evening, which must be returned, when collecting you clothes / belongings prior to departure, no exceptions. Gents may also wear "Sexy Underwear!", if you have it...! But, the Sarongs we provide are pretty "Sexy!" and really do look great on the guys!


Please do not wear or bring Towels, (wet or dry), upstairs, this is prohibited.


The Good News! is; Ladies get to wear whatever they want!, Sexy Outfits, Lingerie, Fetish Wear, a Plug!.. etc, (as long as it conforms with 3.5 above).



For Everyone-

Avoid any serious drinking before you arrive if possible! A glass with a meal, fine. Drinking too much, to early will seriously affect your ability to "function well" later.. leaving you lifeless, slumped, sidelined, and on the ropes.... when the real fun starts later! If you get too drunk, NOBODY will want near you!, or want to see you back again! Also.....you could end up; " a casualty! ", code for; "unsuitable.." for all future invitations from us. It's a long night! Be sensible drink well! but wise.. Seriously people stay; "In The Zone" & and "Copus Mentos" ALWAYS! and { >make good, considerate decisions.. < } always.


Stay hydrated, with regular amounts of soft drinks, or water, between drinks.


For best results, get plenty of sleep, eat small, light and regular healthy meals up to three days before! Seriously! particularly for men, if your gut is stuffed full, and you have drank too much, too early guys!, you will be about as useful to her as; "an Ash Tray on a Motor Bike!!" Don't [email protected]@@ It Up!!!!  as we DON'T do second chances, or refunds.


EVERYONE! It's expected, you prepare and present properly for the night. Excellent "Personal Hygiene";- That's washed, douched, groomed, waxed, shaved, and toe and finger nails cut as appropriate for your sex....! A good, body barrier moisturiser is also a good idea.


It's also expected and demanded, that you maintain an impeccable standard of hygiene at all times during the night, washing regularly as required, using condoms, and antibac wash etc. We provide all the basics you may need, but you are welcome to bring your own toiletries too!, but like Airport Security, they should be placed in a small clear plastic bag, and declared on admission! You are responsible for these items you carry about yourself, again please don't carry around anything expensive, your not prepared to loose.


Please ensure good oral hygiene also, particularly, if you smoke, consider bringing a mouth wash! NOTE: Absolutely - NO CHEWING GUM of any kind is permitted inside!!! Should ANY part of the above "personal hygiene routine" be somewhat "alien" to you, we kindly ask that you:- DON'T ATTEND - PLEASE !!! We don't like stating stuff that should be very obvious, but unfortunately it's necessary in the interest of maintaining the exacting high standards we're synonymous with delivering at I-KANDI


Ladies, we don't recommend applying fake tans! or heavy make up, your gorgeous without it, honestly! With strong U.V Lights, add a little motion...and you'll end up looking like a; competitive mud wrestler on that pristine white linen! Besides, a few showers and a sauna, and your tan, and make up is gone down the drain!!! Please, keep shoes "sensible" (yes we know their Sexy!) But please! If you can't balance on one shoe, with a bottle of wine down you, " the shoes are not working dha-ling !!! "


Guys, all nails cut to nothing, and buffed / filed etc, and heed all other good advice we are giving you here. Be- Non pushy, courteous, social, and respectful, at all times.



Is;- " NO MEANS NO " whether that is conveyed to you be means of a;

- simple head shake.

- a slight move away in the opposite direction!!!

- or verbally.

- Or other body language cue, you should be picking up!!!

Everyone has their likes, and dis-likes. Don't ever make assumptions and take liberties with others.


Show others RESPECT and be considerate at all times. Move slowly, communicate well.. phrases like: "May I....? ", "Would you like....?", "Do you mind if...?", "What would you like me do do?" should be used at all times. Also, don't be "conscious" of saying "NO" to anyone! or anything!! no-one will mind, or take it personally. It's YOUR body, and your choice alone! It's about YOUR enjoyment. And if your enjoyment, happens to work for someone else (consenting also), with your permission, fine.


Spacial Awareness, Don't invade peoples personal space un-invited, or act to make people feel "uncomfortable".


REMEMBER - Here, Women make the rules... and only Women, can brake the rules,

IF- they so choose.



Occasionally, we may take "official pictures" at our parties, for promotional purposes, (our website etc, and to decorate our walls, wall of fame! etc)

Any pictures we may take are always;-

- Taken with your complete knowledge and consent.

- Taken in a way so to protect your identity always example. from the back, with a mask, or head cropped shot. 

- Taken in "good taste" always. Example; a fab outfit you're wearing, or something funny that's happening!, the dance floor hopping etc, and NOT of you having sex, or any other personal / intimate moment, (so relax guys!)

- Taken to show our existing people positively, as interesting, kool, Sexy and different.

- Also we're happy to take a picture for you! (you and a your partner / friend) for example. However, again, only pictures "in good taste" and NOT something you might regret at a later stage!

- At anytime, we're happy to show you what's taken, Note however, we only ever end up using a tiny percent of what we actually take, the rest we delete (as any normal photo shoot. / bad shots & lighting etc) You can see past examples of our work on our website, and on our walls inside. So don't ever be worried if you see us at work! (Chill and Smile! ) Your reputation, is our reputation. We take our job of protecting you! seriously.



Should you encounter any problems, grievances, or have / witness, any negative experiences, we implore you to TELL US IMMEDIATELY about it, on the night. (not weeks / months later!) Your opinion matters! This gives us an opportunity to possibly right the situation for you, there and then, and prevent a repeat occurrence.

Yes agreed, there SEEMS to be a lot of "Red Tape" evolved to even "get in" as well as other stuff we demand, BUT !! We are confident, you'll understand the logic, and why we are so pedantic about certain things!, when you visit us.

Last thing.... We hope you have an Awesome Night! and we're certainly going to employ our 9 - YEARS OF CLUB EXPERIENCE to ensure it happens for YOU, our valued VIP customer! We don't have a "VIP AREA" because as far as we're concerned, ALL our Verified Customers are; "VIPS!!" And there the only people we allow "IN" !! and look after!


If it's a "Special Occasion, Like a Birthday or Anniversary, or Partner Treat!!!  Let us know on Booking!!!! We're happy to suggest ideas to make it ***REALLY SPECIAL *** XXX!  

If you think afterwards, when the dust settles... and you wake up the following morning with a smug smile on your face!! that we did a."Good Job" all considered, we would be extremely grateful if you could give us a "5 STAR " REVIEW on Google Places/Maps. It really would mean a lot to us! We have very few avenues of advertising available to us, because of our line of business.

Your recommendation, is all we have really, whether it be word of mouth or a review. So it's really appreciated.

Welcome to our crazy world!

and the best "REAL" Night Club, indeed only.... in Ireland! 



It's our POLICY to age verify, meet, interview, photograph, in person, ALL members who apply, and / or pay, to become members of our Club. We DO NOT;- allow members, we have NOT formally met, verified, photographed, in advance, attend our parties. We also informally assess the maturity, experience, and mental / emotional well being of all prospective customers, through informal dialog in advance. We're certainly no psychotherapists!, and don't claim to be! but, we've enough experience after a decade... to know when its not right for someone, and although rare, this can sometimes be the case for a small number of people. If we think this is the case, we will make time to tell you, and do our best to explain why, plain and simple. 

We DON'T;-  (like all the other so-called "Night Clubs"), sell admission, alcohol, and market our products to Teenagers and under age Kids!

We DO NOT;- maintain profiles on the big Social Media websites ("Stupid Book", "Quitter", and others) popular with impressionable and vulnerable young people in need of some sort of "social affirmation" and "support" from there equally messed up peers, and virtual... "Friends!!!!" . 

We DO NOT;- maintain profiles, advertise with, or condone the use of;- "Anonymous Kiddy Predatory APP's" such as "KIK", "Snap Chat", "What's App" and other Apps owned by; "controlling your whole life and keeping you dumb, entertained, and in line....";- "Stupid Book". We discourage the use of these Apps by anyone associated with us. Such APP's, popular with the naive and stupid,  have no place in our business model.            


Our people don't "Follow" or "Worship",  jack-shit.... .The're, true LEADERS and trend setters in there own right.

But more importantly.....  they are ;- "free minds..." 

Welcome to REAL &  "Actual Reality"  ..... 

Read the "real truth" about the rest..... below !!





Look, everything, yes everything, you read on the subject of Irish Swingers Clubs on Google is absolute dodgy, anonymous, fake rubbish. Bing, is even worse!  Absolutely NONE, of the so-called "on-line Swingers Clubs Resources", or "English bullshit websites", can give you any form of good objective advice on visiting the only swingers club here in Ireland because;- [ not - one - of - them - run - a - real - Swingers - Club - Venue - here - in - Ireland - FACT! ] It's all just; "on-line only, toilet-time rubbish", designed to con you out of your hard earned cash. Look, I can go on the web right now! and buy; 1,000 fake profiles for $45.00, complete with tit and ass pics, for my fake website!!  (if I had one that is!).Don't pay heed to their bullshit "Crack Pot" Forum Posts.  I-KANDI by contrast, is 9-YEARS, yes years... running a real; "Bricks and Mortar Swingers Club" in Limerick town. No, we don't have a huge membership, that's for sure!!, besides, why would we want to?. We're more about "Quality", than quantity, in every respect. That's what's made us, what we are today!. "I-Kandi" is independently verified on Google Maps, as a genuine and permanent business. Also, I-Kandi has been independently reviewed and rated, on Google Maps by past and present customers that have actually experienced our Club in person! We "Cherry pick" and verify, all our own members, fully and completely, "on site" ourselves, using a combination of; Photo I.D, on-site meetings, and appraisals of actual live party attendances! (Not anonymous, cups of coffee meets!!!) Only then are people classed as "Verified" at I-KANDI. There are no fake or dodgy people to contend with at I-Kandi. Don't be fooled by;  Pub/Hotel, "Coffee Social", "Meet & Greet", faker rubbish, and other amateur run, on-line Forum trollop, on the Net! None of them are "verified" as claimed...either!  Be warned! it's all anonymous, "shady", bullshit. We must warn you here; In our opinion, these so called "Irish Swinger websites" and portals of the like, are not safe, or in any way secure, or well intentioned. For god sake, don't give them any of your pictures!!!  The few actual "users" on these so-called "Irish swingers websites" generally, most always, fall under the following categories; unemployed time-waster idiots, scam artists, prostitutes, and Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde [types]....(after a few beers!!!)  bunny boilers!!!  At best, your time and money totally wasted, worst case; extortion and blackmail! and your very own "Stalker" to contend with!  Don't get conned or worse...!  I'm not scaremongering either, Google is your friend here, do the research, it's all well documented on-line.  That's our real address at the bottom of this page, that's same address (indeed only address!), that's been on Google Maps, for many YEARS!  We'll never waste your time with anonymous dead beats, that's a promise.

Your privacy, and total safety, is our top priority always. Let us introduce you to; REAL... proven, "Gentleman & Ladies!!!" 

at I-KANDI.  

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