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Has Google simply over looked Limerick?​

Is the Limerick Pride festival outdated?

You would be forgiven if you thought Limerick had no Gay Scene at all! A simple google search of "gay scene Limerick 2017" throws up an assortment of links not even remotely connected with Limerick, or the Gay Scene in the town itself, You'd almost think they have censored it some how!  Google's obsession of remembering, and listing the past, (the scene, as it was 10 years ago...!!!) isn't exactly helpful either. Google [READ] The Globe Night Club closed down 10 years ago in limerick!!!!  Things-Have-Actually-Changed!!!  Of course there are businesses like I-KANDI that have been at the centre of the scene for the last 9 years, and of course recently, the addition of Strokers Bar, William Street, having recently changed hands, has added a new dimension to the scene as well. (Up-Date 31st Jan 2018, now closed)  Of course the Gay Scene in Limerick gets a jolt every year when the City hosts the annual Gay Pride Festival each year and the usual event listing is rolled out each year, with many Limerick Clubs and bars suddenly becoming "Gay for the day" or week, to cash in on the proceedings. Somehow, Limerick has never quite "got it together" in terms of marketing itself, as a vibrant town. Things have changed, the days of marching down the main street of the town for "Gay Rights" are indeed over, and honestly a bit out-dated. Hopefully a modern re-working of the Limerick pride format in 2018 will be considered, rather than rolling out the exact same jaded stuff, again... next year. Instead of the "militant style" march down the main street!, why not an "inclusive" BBQ and "Mardi Gras" Style Music Family festival in the Park, or market area instead? Perhaps on the same lines as the lovely "French Market" that used to be invited to the City,   Put down the saber and loose the drama! # Celebrate yourself,  Live For Today...!!!  Hire a professional Advertising  and Media  Expert instead.... that actually knows what that are doing! and re-invent Limerick Pride, from the inside, out!! "Inclusive", is not a word that resonates with the current Limerick Pride Festival as it is ironically, and it should. It doesn't need to be dragged trough a whole week either, a weekend at the most, packed with some energy, and dare I say it... actual "diversity" in spirit, rather than just words and the usual jaded, and now out-dated rhetoric. Your Gay! So What?, it's only a sex preference! you ain't the only Gay in the Village!! Chill, get over yourself FFS!., No-one really gives a shit anymore, there far too busy with there own shite lives, and stuff that actually matters!  it's nearly 2018!, celebrate who you are today, drama free, simple. Not saying things are "perfect" certainly not!  Say 'Fuck You' to the so-called "normal" dis-approver's,  Just live your life, today, as you are, Life's too short! In doing so you make the loudest statement, marching down the main street of a backward town, only serves to put emphases on your own "perceived difference"..... or make you look "odd" in some way,  Your Not...!!!!! Get a plane ticket  out of "Angela's Ashes" ditch the "small town attitude" bitch!. Think BIG.. Your BIGGER! than that!!  There's a place called 'Europe" travel....see it.... Live it... leave local small minds, where they really belong. You'll never need  or want to march again! trust me!    As one eloquent queer put it....     “When the soul of a man is born in this country there are nets flung at it to hold it back from flight. You talk to me of nationality, language, religion. I shall try to fly by those nets.”  James Joyce.

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