" I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered"

"In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol - it was the worst 20 minutes of my life "

" Its about going forward, to where; ''CLUB',

really means just that.

Your part of something... Special..!

"IN",  can't be simply "blagged!"

" Lemme tell ya somethin' If U didn't come 2 party, 

Don't bother knockin' on my door

I got a lion in my pocket, And baby he's ready 2 roar

 Yeah, everybody's got a bomb,

We could all die any day 

But before I'll let that happen, I'll dance my life away "

Application Process 

 ( Summery Only - APP & Night Club )

If your honest and genuine, it's a very quick

and efficient process from your first 

 contact with us, right through to the actual

booking and attending the Club.

The detail is given below.  



Via - Text  (*E-mail -  *Int Guests only)

TEXT: - 00353 (0) 86 3396 630

(See below for our full contact details) 



Upload your Personal details 

(Profile,) via our on-line APP.

We'll explain how, by text.!  



Get Approval  ON our on-line APP




See exactly, "What's On!!!"  by visiting the;   

EVENTS PROFILE  on the APP, once your "IN"



Private Message the EVENTS PROFILE

for an invite to the EVENT of your choosing. 

(Subject to; Availability, Mgt Approval, and Status)

NOTE: A-Listed Profiles, do not need;-

 "Management Approval"  to attend events.


The small print... and everything else..


Local and National Customers-

TEXT: - 086 3396 630

International Customers (Night Club Access) Direct Dial-

TEXT: - 00353 86 339 6630

E-MAIL:- [email protected] 

(Night Club / Int customers only ) Be sure to put "Apply for Membership" in your message text. Don't leave it too late!  give yourself, and us! some time. All communication is done via TEXT for clarity on both sides. Each person applying, needs to have a valid mobile number, and apply separately. Don't worry! we LINK you as a "Couple" on our APP, at the end of the process. 




We welcome all enquirers from prospective members, Local,  National and; Visiting International Guests* (*whom we join as temporary members). Note: Applications from individuals under 20 years of age, are not considered / entertained. We have strict entry requirements, for our Night Club in Limerick, in order to protect our existing members absolute right to privacy, and other unwanted access to our website and Club from hackers, minors, and people with sinister motives.

The first STEP, is to get on our APP, which is quite easy if your, "Genuine and Honest" !

The APP is used to screen all prospective entrants to our club. Effectively the APP serves as a form of "recruitment ground" for our Night Club. 



While our WEBSITE is listed: " PAGE #1. Google!!! "  Our Private Members Only APP,  is NOT!!  by contrast. The APP is NOT even listed on any search engines either, by design... The APP is also not viewable or accessible to the general public,  again by design!  Understated, and difficult to find, and some may argue, even difficult to join!. However not so for the;  "right people!" 

Like gossip?  DON'T EVEN APPLY....  


Our APP is NOT - "A Public Sharing Website" it's a privately owned "company site". The information on our APP is NOT in the public domain already, and you have ABSOLUTELY - NO RIGHT,  legal or otherwise,  to copy or share information on our APP with anyone outside the domain, itself. The information IS - NOT - accessible to general public already,  and its' NOT yours to share publicly with anyone, even if you are an APP Member. We store I.P addresses and other user footprints, on the site itself in the interest of site security, (Admin).  We have in the past, and will not hesitate in the future, protect by whatever means is legally available to us, our intellectual property, business, and customers property. The full legal T&C  of use of our APP and our Privacy Policy, are clearly outlined on the JOIN / REGISTRATION PAGE of the APP itself, and you are strongly advised to read same fully, prior to application. "John" on our APP, is the exact same "John" at our Club, there are; NO FAKES... So conduct yourself on line, as if you would in person... you'll be meeting these people... after all.             



- ZERO - Fake Profiles.

- ZERO - Time Wasters & Test Pilots

- ZERO - Undesirables.

- ZERO - Nut Jobs & Idiots

- ZERO - Unverified Profiles

- ZERO - Flaky Newbies

- Not Full of Single Men!

- 100% - Cherry Picked Beautiful People waiting to meet you at I-Kandi!

- 100% - Guaranteed - All Profiles "Club Verified" witnessed and approved by us.

- 100% - Awesome, Active, Genuine Swingers, looking to meet, and hook up, at our club in Limerick.

- A Comprehensive - Profile Builder, that allows you to list your all your "Turn On's", "Sex Preferences" and

  "Fetishes", while protecting your total privacy.

- Instant Message other I-KANDI members, Anonymously.

- Chat / Flirt, and connect, before you visit! (no time wasting!) 

- Live "3D Chat" with other I-KANDI Members on-line.

- Up Load - Your Photos, Private and Public.

- Find EXACTLY, easily, the people that turn you on, and share your sex preferences.

- Location based technology, Find Members literally next to you, and see what, "turns them on"!


  No need for silly on-line faker Apps that go no-where anymore! 

-Invitation to specially organised App Members "meet and greet nights",  "App Nights" 

MEMBERSHIP FEES / COSTS (on-line application) Mobile Hybrid APP

Application Fee €30 applies, non refundable.

M/F Couple; €9 per month / €100 per year

Female; Free

Single Males:, €9 per month / €100 per year  (Very limited availability)

 Verification Test

- You will need to provide us with TWO photos of yourself, and warning!!! it ain't passport

 type ones either!  You need to up-load the TWO photos, when directed by us,  together, one after the other. 

 Photos NOT meeting the required standards are deleted on receipt.

-Photos need to be under 2mb in size, you may need to adjust your camera's settings on your device for this purpose.  

-Verification is about things like; "Confidence", "Genuine Interest", "Participation of you own free will" etc, it's NOT a beauty contest. If you don't have the confidence to get verified with us, your unlikely to feel comfortable at our Club.            

- You will need to pay, in advance, a NON REFUNDABLE;

"weed out; Tyre Kickers, Time Wasters, & Test Pilots" Application Fee of €30 just to apply!

(use of our on-line APP) Please understand, it's "Ireland!!!" and unfortunately, tons of people

attempt to waste our time on a daily basis, the above payment prevents nearly all of this.

- Membership for Single Males; (Night Club) and even our; On-Line APP,

(which are separate entities entirely!) is extremely limited.

- Please DON'T apply!, unless your OK with the payment of the above Non-Refundable Application Fee, and the submission of your photos to us. 

- Payment of the above application fee, in no way guarantees acceptance by us, App or Night Club.

-Existing "Verified I-Kandi Members" are exempt, from the above Application Fee.

-From October 2018 - Everyone, MUST have a "full current profile on our site below",

in order to gain access to our Night Club, no exceptions in the interest of,

Security. If you are an "existing regular", apply & up-grade NOW! to ensure

hassle free, continued access. 


-The Night Club runs EVERY SATURDAY, doors open at 9.30pm. You need to be inside by 10pm, otherwise you will end up paying a "late arrival supplement" on the door, even if you have booked on-line. 

 -There is "Something" ON - Every Saturday, however, we don't advertise specific event details outside of the APP, in the interest of our members privacy and security. A full listing of "what's on" can be seen on the IK EVENTS profile, on out APP.   


Note: APP Membership is NOT -

Full Club Membership. Full Club

Membership is acquired through

the following;-

- Positive APP Community Feedback, (It helps a lot if established members like you!)

- Management Invitation, (We invite you down to the Club to meet with us in person.

We get to know the REAL you informally over a few drinks!)

- Invite to a Small Gig, (You get invited to essentially a small Test Gig)

- Final Club Approval, [ "A" Mark on profile name ]. Your one of; [ The Gang! ]

In addition to the above Full Members;

- The above steps are usually FAST TRACKED for approved International Visitors.

(Done by appointment on the night, before we open).

-Once ON our APP,  you can then apply for full membership, to attend our Nightclub, (A-List) -OR- in most cases your; INVITED - TO BE A FULL MEMBER, (A-List), once your  "established" on the APP itself.      

-FULL MEMBERSHIP (A-List) is rather straight forward, if you have "experienced" in the lifestyle,  M/F Couple or Woman. Admittedly, and understandably, space for single guys is at a premium and is quite limited. 

- "A-List Profiles" (with the letter "A" in their name title), denotes that they are" I-K - CLUB VERIFIED" (the only  verification that matters... here in Ireland...!, and NO!!! we DON'T recognise verification's from other faker websites.  "A's" are your guarantee, that your meeting the right people!, kool, considerate, experienced, and trusted individuals and singles, we love to welcome always!    

 "...Fun, Fake Free & Fabulous ", people! 

[ A' s ] enjoy the following additional benefits         

- Super Powers!! - Access to our REAL - Night Club, for the Lifestyle,  

- FREE Access to our Club, on certain nights. 

- Access to cut price Overnight Accommodation, no more rip off Hotels!   

- Priority VIP Access to our Club in Limerick. 

- Access to our, members only; "Secret Sex Party" Event Listing.

- Easy Booking of ANY party listed, including some FREE ones! 

- Get to know other members even before you arrive at our Club!!! 



-If we are in a position to accept your application / approval , NIGHT CLUB we will inform you by

text message, and Verify you on our APP. (A-List)  Approval for our NIGHT CLUB "A-List" is separate to the App. You apply for this once your LIVE on our app, it's a simply process, as your already most of the way there!!!! Space for single is extremely limited.

-Important: You must provide valid PHOTO I.D (Passport OR Drivers Licence), if you apply for, and are granted On approval for the Night Club, we will inspect your I.D documents by appointment on your first visit, for security and validation reasons. 


M/F Couple;     FREE

Female;             FREE

Single Males:   (Very limited availability), Price on Approval.    


As well as the as the above membership fees, there is an "Admission Charge" 

for each party you attend. Admission prices vary, form FREE to €70, 

depending on circumstances, and what's on, (typically €30 per/couple).

ALL the pricing information is on the Events Page on this website,


Our Night Club runs EVERY SATURDAY,  (Summery listing of events)  

A comprehensive / full listing of ALL our Events is listed on the;  "I-K EVENTS" profile, 

on our, "Members Only" on-line HYBRID APP.  


Our APP....

 An itsy bitsy teenie weenie 



Back to "Night Club" 


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