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Club [ carte blanch ]

carte blanche

kɑːt ˈblɑː  nʃ/noun

"complete freedom to act as one wishes.."

Exclusive Members Only, Night Club & Lounge

there's simply NOTHING like it, in Ireland...

The truth is O'Neill... Your being lied too, 

Your living in a dream world... 

That bog standard boring,

 Irish Ale House Club ya go to,

 Totally Sucks...

  "REAL WORLD" IS- [carte blanch]

Future Shock Clubbing

The wildest Night Spot, in the entire country...

  "REAL WORLD" IS- [carte blanch]

Future Shock Clubbing

The Wildest Night Spot, in the entire country...

Club [ carte blanch ]

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(Highly Recommended) 

Guaranteed Admission, once your approved. Swift priority V.I.P admission on arrival. You pay NO Joining Fee, (Women & M/F Couples). Avail of our guaranteed lowest admission prices, by booking on-line, once you've been approved. Ideal for visiting International Guests, Tourists and Holiday makers seeking pre-approved admission. The recommended "Application Process", especially for single men. Expect: our usual admission security measures (see below).

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" Its about going forward, to where; ''CLUB',

really means just that.

Your part of something... Special..!

"IN",  can't be simply "blagged!"

or bought, with money.. 

" Lemme tell ya somethin' If U didn't come 2 party, 

Don't bother knockin' on my door

I got a lion in my pocket, And baby he's ready 2 roar

 Yeah, everybody's got a bomb,

We could all die any day 

But before I'll let that happen, I'll dance my life away "

Club [ carte blanch ]

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"on the door"

Admission is NOT guaranteed!!! Capacity & R.O.A.R etc. Joining fee supplement (20 euro) applies, on top of the Admission Price, at your time of arrival, on the evening. This Joining method is recommended for; M/F Couples & Ladies, only. This joining method, is NOT recommended for Single Men. Expect additional security measures on admission, including a mandatory;- Metal Detector - Full Body and Property Scan,  full body search, personal property search, I.D Document Scan, and photo.  Note: You may be asked to remove clothing & leave behind personal items for admission. Please bring as little stuff as possible (bog standard toys and Gear are fine!) You need to bring Photo I.D, for registration / security, (Passport or Drivers License).

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