Club [ carte blanche ]

 kɑːt ˈblɑːnʃ/noun

"complete freedom to act as one wishes.."

Exclusive Members Only, Adult Playground   

there's NOTHING else like it... in Ireland! 

It's the Sexiest Nightclub

 in the  entire country, guaranteed...  


 DOORS @ 9.30 pm

Strictly Members Only

Our Reputation... 


Are you being looked after, presently?

For the comfort, safety, security, and welfare, of ALL our women members, we operate a very strict; vetting and joining process for EVERYONE attending our Club. We also offer a FREE return Taxi transfers from; Limerick town center to I-kandi, (for women only - traveling on their own), with a registered and trusted driver, known to us. In short - If your on your own; (like many!) We'll "look after you personally", introduce you to everybody! ensure you have an amazing night!  and see you're home safe and sound afterwards, every time... that's a promise!  That's;- "The Real Club difference" @ I-KANDI. Just ask us... and we'll make it so!

IS... your security...  

I-kandi, Looking after you flawlessly... 

for the last, 9 - YEARS and more! 

 "You run a really good club"    Vogue Williams. 

Edgy & Exciting...

Believe us... there is nothing even remotely like our Club [ carte blanche ] on the Island of Ireland at present. We are; Limerick's ONLY... REAL - Exclusive, "Night Club". We're not open to; "Joe Public", just our cherry picked members... Our Night club [ Carte Blanche ] attracts a hip, sexy, international crowd, who enjoy fine wines, the best Club Music, and the truly awesome, and the very unique, and now famous; " [ carte blanche ] atmosphere ", every Saturday**. (Members Only**) 

Learn More About it..


Joining is easy, for the right people!  Note:- Our Night Club, [ carte blanche ] at I-Kandi, is strictly, a "Members Only" Club.  Free Membership of [ carte blanche ] is available to ALL approved, M+F Couples, and Ladies. There is a membership fee payable for approved single gents, (very limited availability / waiting list)  Click below for more information.

 Apply for Membership 

Non-offensive  Picture of 3 Ladies in  Lingerie

Who generally goes

Typically an eclectic mix of discerning, Male and female, Couples and Singles. Age's range from twenties to late fifties, the're, quirky, edgy, arty,  good looking, content and grounded individuals, who enjoy life, and living in the "NOW", not yesterday or tomorrow! We recommend clicking the;- "Learn More About It.." link below, to get a better insight as to what to expect, and the type of people you're likely to meet.        

The REAL FUN   STUFF !!!    

What's On @ I-KANDI

Parties & Events

Safety & Data Privacy | Our  Policy

We are totally committed to protecting your right to privacy. 

We will NEVER share our customers information including 

data and pictures with any third party. 

I-KANDI is just for;- "Smart Grown Up's".

  We're  NOT on;- "Stupid Book" or "Quitter", 

and  we don't communicate on, advertise with, or condone the use of;- 

 anonymous, "Kiddy Predatory App's" like;- "KIK", "SNAP CHAT", "WHAT'S APP' etc, 

 all exclusively popular with;- the naive, stupid, impressionable, insecure, 

and the vulnerable... and the people that prey on them...   

 Still in doubt? Our full address and contact details are printed here 

on this website! Just try find information about our members on-line,

 you wont.. only information about the Club itself. 

Book with complete confidence! 

Learn more - GDPR Compliance and us. 

Dress Code

 We don't dictate any particular style or look, but here's an idea of what we considered acceptable / Norm and what to expect; Neat & Tidy, Shirt & jacket, Burlesque / Lingerie all variations, Fetish, Sexy / Extreme, Alt Industrial. 


Gaa / Rugby Tops / Gear etc, Sports Tees, Trainers, Nack Suits, NO- baggy clothes of any kind, NO- shite short sleeved check shirts etc! Keep it sexy and fun, and you should be Ok. Phones, Coats, & other belongings - go into storage, at your own risk, period. 

An express free joining process is available for approved, visiting international foreign guests. (couples and singles) just contact us in advance, HERE 

Contact us

Hungry for more Information ? OR Got a question ?

Click!, the [ LEARN MORE ABOUT IT ] link above. I-Kandi is without doubt, the very best resource, and source of information on the subject of swinging, Sex Clubs, and enjoying them with complete confidence. 

The FORUM page, offers more general content about the venue itself. 

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