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The Leisure facilities at I-KANDI attracts an eclectic mix of people daily, from all over the mid west region, as well as a substantial number of foreign visitors too. Our Sauna and Leisure facilities are presently open 5 Days / Nights a week. Wednesday to Sunday   

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Picture of two men in a sauna wearing towels

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We welcome everybody!  Male, Female, Couples & Singles,  including, all members of the L.G.B.T.Q community, (lesbian, gay, bisexual, Transgender, and queer community). Admission is on a "Pay As You Go Basis. Anyone can simply purchase a [ DAY PASS ] for €22 on entry. There is no beter way... or place... to spend an idle few hours, and enjoy a drink! You never know who else may join you!  

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Just drop by during normal opening hours! 

(see below).

The leisure facilities at I-KANDI are famous for the laid back, easy-going, and welcoming, "Spa like atmosphere", you'll experience the moment you walk thought the door! 

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WEDNESDAY - 7pm to 1 am

THURSDAY     - 7pm to 1 am 

FRIDAY            -  6pm to 1 am

SATURDAY      - 7pm to 10 pm / 2.30 am**

(**Members after 10 pm, Sat night only)

SUNDAY           - 4 pm to 12 am / Late

Bank Hols        - 4 pm to 12 am / Late

INCLUDED in the price is- ALL Leisure facilities,

(Sauna, Sunbed, Coffee Lounge, Playrooms Etc) 

Looking for MORE?

Did you know we have 

our own hook-up APP too? 

Actually it's the BEST APP out there..

by a mile...


Every profile.... is the real deal! 

 Why not check it out?


Pay As You Go 

Sauna Adm Prices

[ Day Pass ] 1 x Person                       €22

[ Day Pass ] M/F Couple                     €22

[ Day Pass ] Student (Under/23yrs)*  €7

(Student Card & / OR proof of age required)*

[ Day Pass ] Student (Over /23yrs)    €10

(Wed & Thr)

[ Day Pass ] Student (Over /23yrs)    €15

(Fri, Sat, Sun & Bank/Hols)


10 Day - Loyalty Card! Spend             €22

And receive huge savings!!!

1st visit €22, 2nd visit €13, 3rd visit   €7

(within a 10 days period)

SUNBED ONLY - (anytime 20 mins)     €5


"Actual Reality" never virtual ... 

w/ The Justin Trio

Finding us, directions, sat nav, maps,

 routes, eircode!  etc...

Learn More

More Information,  the best times to go, 

 and other kool stuff! 

Learn More

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THE - DAY PASS - ABOVE - DOES NOT INCLUDE access to the Wine Bar & Back Room Areas (Members Club) late night, Saturdays.


IF- You want "IN" to the "Wine Bar & Back Area" on Saturdays, then - you need to purchase a full

[ Party Ticket ] on Admission like everyone else! Cost; €40 to €60 depending on what's on, and availability, there is also a minimum bar spend / tab of €3.00 "Members" ONLY - After 10 pm on;  Saturdays. A "Member"; - IS - ANY PERSON with a 4 -Digit "Membership Number", and visit record, as kept by us, at reception.


If you are a an existing long-term customer and regular; - YOU ARE most likely a; FULL MEMBER! and you have unrestricted assess anytime LATE hours included. not sure, ask us. 

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