1-01 . When you book, and purchase a ticket on line, the following is the "terms and conditions" of that sale, no exceptions.

1-02. You must be a "Current APP Member" to purchase the Ticket product.

1-03. By booking on-line, you're guaranteeing us your arrival at I-Kandi BEFORE 10 pm. 

1-04. The price you see is a PROMOTIONAL - EARLY BOOKING PRICE (You must book & pay, at least +2 DAYS, IN ADVANCE),

1-05. No Refunds, No Changes, No Cancellations, (even due to product purchase errors / mistakes etc!) are allowed.

1-06. Once you have purchased, on-line We recommend texting us, (number on the bottom of this page), just as a back up!

1-07. Tickets purchased (Transactions), within 2 DAYS of the "Event date" are simply treated as a "DEPOSIT" towards the "DOOR PRICE" payable at   the time of your arrival on the "EVENT NIGHT".    



2-1. We don't recommend booking / paying, on-line - less than two days before the event, your transaction may not be authorised on time. 

2.2. Tickets, purchased within 2 DAYS of the "Event date" are  treated as a "BOOKING DEPOSIT" towards the full final advertised "DOOR PRICE" payable, on admission, on the night. 

3-3.  Basically, if you buy tickets on-line less than 2 days in advance, (not recommended).  You end up paying the advertised Door Price. You'll be charged the difference, on admission.          



3-1. "Doors Open" [ 9.30 pm ] Sharp !!!!  THE LATER YOU ARRIVE AFTER  [ 10 PM ]  "SCHEDULED START TIME" -  THE MORE EXPENSIVE ADMISSION IS. Why ?? (see below)  LATE ARRIVALS, can sometimes disrupt, and delay the progression of an otherwise perfect night.   

3-2. "DOOR PRICE"-  Definition - "The Admission price payable, on arrival,  for anyone that has not already booked on-line, (pre-booked) 

at least two days in advance,' as recommended" 

3-3. "Door Prices"  Charged, are as follows, 

( BEFORE- 10.00 pm)    M/F COUPLE 50 Euro,    FEMALE 30 Euro,      GENT  50 Euro    STUDENT COUPLE  20 Euro,   STU FEMALE 10 Euro

(  AFTER-  10.00 pm)    M/F COUPLE 60 Euro,    FEMALE 40 Euro,      GENT 60 Euro     STUDENT COUPLE 25 Euro,   STU FEMALE 15 Euro 


(  AFTER   10.30 pm)    M/F COUPLE 70 Euro,    FEMALE 50 Euro,      GENT 70 Euro      STUDENT COUPLE 30 Euro, S TU FEMALE 20 Euro

 ( AFTER 11.00 pm)     Add + 10 Euro  (All categories)      

As you can see,  the LATER you leave it..  the MORE EXPENSIVE  it is,  plain and simple!  It's the fairest way. Save money LOIN OUR APP & BOOK ON LINE always. We offer substantial discounts to our Loyal APP Members, some events are even FREE to APP'ERS!!



4-1.  It's about "OCCUPANCY"  Everyone, wants a "full house" when;  they alone are finally  ready to arrive and Party!!!!   It simply can't be done.... Somebody..... has to be FIRST to come in the door!!!!!   The above pricing structure, discourages late arrivals by charging  them more!   

So..... if  you:  BOOK EARLY,   ARRIVE - ON TIME ! !  10 pm at the latest! ,  you're  guaranteed to pay the LOWEST ADMISSION PRICE - AVAILABLE - AND  your guaranteed NOT to be waiting around either!! Please understand, on a normal night, at least 1/2 of the people attending are "Foreign Nationals" to them 10 O CLOCK actually means... [ 10 O CLOCK !!!  ]  Its plain bad manners to keep people waiting around all night, and late arriving "Anoraks!!" DON'T look good next to some foreign lassies G- String!!!  -OK!  Not - Very Kool.... besides, late arrivals can sometimes feck up an otherwise  "Epic Night" So Don't be one of them !!!!  We have devised the above Admission Price Structure the basically rewards - "Commitment to the Event / Party  and Punctuality"  with a lower price, and that's FAIR - Right....?  IN SHORT - We want EVERYONE - IN - AT THE SAME TIME -  AND AN AWESOME NIGHT TO - "TAKE OFF"  so everyone get's off!  Thanks in advance for your co-operation and understanding.  

Note also - for the Winter  months, we want to START [ 10 pm ]  and FINISH things earlier [ 2 am ] - LAST DRINKS,  30 MIN - DRINK UP / SHOWER TIME. After 2.30 am Winter Months - TAXI'S are near impossible to get hold of, and road conditions can be quite poor too early AM too. Moreover, couples with kids want / need to get home a a reasonable hour as well !!!!  The average "travel time" for our customers is ONE HOURS DRIVE - EACH WAY !!! So with all this in mind, we are strictly implementing the above immediately, effective 29th SEPTEMBER 2018.   

Thank you, for your continued support and understanding.  [I-K] Management.   

SAVE MONEY!!!!!!!  BOOK EARLY ON-LINE and ARRIVE ON TIME !!!     Simple...  


Unsuccessful applications policy

5-1. If on application, we decide to reject your membership for whatever reason, we will simply inform you by text. We reserve the right to refuse admission and membership, without reason. By signing up, (contact form), you are accepting this, and all other conditions herein as binding. Our Club and membership may not be suitable for everyone, please understand this, and sometimes we're just not in a position to take certain category's of membership for operational reasons, example; too many of a particular age / gender already, it's noting personal!


Cancellation of your membership - After Acceptance

6-1. We reserve the right to cancel you membership, without notice, and in-full, if any other member/s lodge/s a valid complaint against you. Be Warned! - We DON'T DO second chances, and we DON'T do refunds here either. If you are a NEW MEMBER expect to be watched very closely for your first few parties. It's SIMPLE - don't push, or pressure people.. NO means NO!!! Don't act, or behave "Creepy",  or you'll be shown the door... Treat others with the utmost of respect - and you'll be fine.


Corporate responsibility, and age policy.     Were just for;  "Grown Ups Only!"

We DON'T, (like all other so-called "Night Clubs"), market our products services to Teenagers and under age Kids!  

We DO NOT, maintain profiles on the big Social Media websites (Stupid Book, Quitter, and others) popular with impressionable and vulnerable  young minds in need of some sort of "social affirmation" and "support" from there equally messed up peers, and virtual... "Friends!!!!" . 

Our people don't "Follow" or "Worship" jack-shit.... There LEADERS.. in there own right....        

It's our POLICY to age verify, vet through our APP, meet, interview, photograph, in person, ALL members who apply, and / or pay, to become members of our Club. We DO NOT -allow people we  have NOT formally met, verified, photographed, in advance - attend our parties. We also informally assess the maturity, experience, and mental / emotional balance and well being, of all prospective customers through informal dialog. We're certainly no Psychotherapists!, and don't claim to be! but, we've enough experience to know when its not right for someone, and this can sometimes be  the case with some people, and we're very mindful and respectful of that.    


Right of admission reserved. Everyone is traceable – for security:- Yes, we do ask for  your personal details on booking at i-kandi, The reason for this, is to ensure the protection, comfort, and safety, of all our clients (especially women) at our parties. In short, everyone is identifiable to US ONLY on booking / joining, for safety and security reasons.


About your Data / Privacy etc:-

We only store very basic personal data. Rest assured, your personal details will always remain totally confidential. The obvious main reason for retaining some of your data, is of course, to confirm your identity, on admission to I-KANDI, Or, to contact you, should you – opt in – to such contact, (Text Notification Service) Or, to verify you – In the event of you – making contact – with us.

We will NEVER give out, or sell, ANY of your information to anyone else. We will ONLY use the information your provide to VERIFY – YOU – (data protection) when / if you contact us. We will NEVER store your, payment card, or financial details. We will never, store your information on other websites / social media etc. 


Contacting Us:-

How we do business – with you – and why.

Anything with regard to a BOOKING made or a pending booking, or indeed to make a booking. Simply - TEXT US on: 086 339 6630

Why TEXT ? We want to ensure you receive the very best customer service from us, when you send us a text, their is a “written record” of your query AND our response on BOTH SIDES, and this enables us to deal with your booking promptly in the order it was received. It eliminates “time wasters”, “mystery callers”, and “crossed wires” & miss-understandings etc Anything else – General Information etc. Simply ring us (same number) OR contact us through the www.i-kandi website. Our FREE – FORUM pages Present and answer, the most common questions people have about the Club and are a good source of information too. NOTE – You may be asked for some of the information you have provided earlier, for data protection reasons, (to verify – it’s actually YOU calling) about your booking etc.


Event Confidentially & Security:-

Please DO NOT talk on-line about people you have met at our Club, or, on our App, with others. This will result in an INSTANT BAN. Do NOT share materiel (legal definition - our intellectual property) images, screen shots etc, outside of our app. Our APP is NOT a public site!! The information on our APP is NOT in the public domain, and you have ABSOLUTELY - NO RIGHT to copy or share it, outside of the app. 

Acceptance of our terms - on payment:- By payment, and or, attendance, YOU are hereby accepting / agreement of, ALL “Conditions and policies of Membership HEREIN as binding. ALL Party Bookings, and Membership are; non –refundable once paid for.

No cancellations on bookings once paid. However, we may at our sole discretion, offer to transfer your booking to another date, subject to availability. Also, IF you have paid and, ON ADMISSION – WE DEEM YOU “UNSUITABLE” for whatever reason on the night. YOU WILL BE REFUNDED – [By Original Means Of Payment] Credit Card etc, on receipt of payment evidence only – RECEIPTS Etc, R.O.A.R. Understand, our Club is NOT for everyone, some people are just “not suitable” for our Club, please understand this. A summery only, of the main points shall be outlined HERE, (for brevity and clarity.)

However – the information presented here should not be considered the definitive guide / list of rules, regulations and policy’s. (Main Points Only) Other policies - are available, on request in writing only. For the comfort and safety of all, the Club will adopt other rules and policies as required from time to time. And inform you of same as and when required.




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